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Panasonic CityNOW technologies are helping the Atlanta Braves redefine the fan experience

When the Atlanta Braves open their 2017 baseball season next spring at SunTrust Park, their new state-of-the-art home in Cobb County, Georgia, fans will be treated to a completely immersive ‘community’ experience that extends far beyond the stadium itself. Located at the intersection of I-75 and I-285 in the bustling Cumberland CID, SunTrust Park will flow directly into The Battery Atlanta, a 1.5 million square foot mixed-use development that will feature boutique shopping, world-class restaurants, 550 modern residences, and more than 400,000 square feet of retail and office space.

To help them realize their vision, the Braves turned to Panasonic to outfit the ballpark and The Battery with an advanced, integrated network of audio-visual, way-finding, security and energy management solutions.


“Given the standard of excellence we were striving for, coupled with our extremely aggressive timeline, it was essential that we partner with best-in-class and global companies,” said Mike Plant President of Development Operations for the Braves. “When we looked at Panasonic, we understood that they are a multi-dimensional company with an incredible variety of emerging technologies.”

The Braves and Panasonic gave a preview of their exciting work to the 11,000 attendees at the 2016 Sports, Entertainment and Technology (SEAT) Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the opening session, Christine Stoffel, the Founder and CEO of SEAT, LLC shared a video that featured a fly-over view of the construction site, as well as insights and background on the project and the partnership with Panasonic from Mike Plant and Derek Schiller, President of Development Operations and President of Business, respectively, of the Braves. SEAT Magazine also covered the details of the project and provided a breakdown of the Panasonic technologies being integrated into the ballpark and Battery.

For the Braves, the goal of the project is to create a sought-after destination for families, businesses, shoppers and entertainment-seekers from all across the Southwest; an unforgettable 365-day a year “Play, Work and Stay” destination unlike any other in the United States.

Panasonic designed and is in the process of installing the massive centerfield video board, the ribbon fascia that wraps the outer face of the second deck, as well as a sizeable network of digital signage deployed throughout the ballpark and Battery. Scalable, integrated security management systems and associated security camera equipment were also provided by Panasonic, helping to ensure the park will be one of the safest entertainment venues in the country. To further enhance the fans’ sensory experience, Panasonic also delivered an integrated sound solution. The final component will be an ambitious solar energy sustainability plan for the entire smart stadium district.

The Braves were drawn to Panasonic’s experience as the AV provider for some of the world’s most iconic sports venuesChurchill Downs and Indy Motor Speedway to name a few – and the fact that they’ve already co-developed and been the technology provider for entire “Smart Cities,” both around the world, in places like Fujisawa and Tsunashima, Japan, and here in the United States, in the 400-acre mixed-use development at PENA Station Next in Denver.

The key to the company’s CityNOW technology solutions is what they’re calling Responsive Infrastructure™, which enables engaged residents to be connected in real-time to information and services that will allow them to live healthier, safer, more convenient, entertaining and sustainable lives.

As Jeffrey Siegel, Vice President of Marketing for Panasonic’s Enterprise Solutions Division states, “what the Braves are creating here really represents the future of the sports industry, the movement away from stand-alone stadiums to entire districts that allow the fans to have a more intimate relationship with the team.” According to Siegel, these broader experiences can not only enhance the fan’s experience, but provide a tremendous revenue boost for the team, as well.


As the Braves and their fans look forward to a new legacy of success and excitement at SunTrust Park, Panasonic is busy building their pipeline of industry leading Smart City and Smart Sports and Entertainment District technologies, collaborating with venue owners, sports teams and municipalities on projects that will not only provide new revenue opportunities for businesses, but also improve the quality of peoples’ lives.

Learn more about Panasonic Stadium Solutions and Panasonic AV Solutions.

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