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Some of the most interesting products begin with a conversation with a customer. Robots to help with work’s heavy lifting. Smart cameras. A ruggedized computer that withstands drops, blowing rain and serious vibration. Panasonic has turned into a fine art listening to the challenges customers are experiencing, and turning that input into innovation.

Panasonic’s latest example is the The Arbitrator® BWC. This next generation body-worn camera and its enhanced Unified Evidence Management System for law enforcement agencies are the most cohesive solutions on the market, and are designed and built based on feedback from law enforcement organizations across the country.

Panasonic has been managing video evidence through in-car systems since 2005 when it rolled out its first Arbitrator in-car system. Panasonic’s newest body-worn cameras are an extension of its world class evidence management system. These rugged devices can offload quickly and seamlessly via Wi-Fi and other methods to Panasonic’s Unified Evidence Management System, which allows law officers to easily and securely manage all video evidence — including in-car, body-worn and fixed surveillance video — using a single, unified platform with flexible storage options.

Today’s world-class system evidence and next-gen body camera all started with conversations with law enforcement agencies almost two decades ago. That’s when agencies using Panasonic’s Toughbook laptop computers began talking about the need for a camera for their vehicles to capture evidence. In informal conversations, meetings in precincts and visits to Panasonic factories in Japan, those suggestions took shape as a mounted camera to capture evidence. And as Panasonic prepared to launch new versions, it again turned to customers and used their feedback to engineer new and upgraded products.

Today the same listen-learn-build approach continues to characterize Panasonic’s product development approach. Catch a glimpse of some of that interaction in this video.

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