How do you make the World’s Greatest Spectacle Even Better?

Panasonic technology is set to take the excitement of the Olympic Games to the next level

When the world’s biggest sports spectacle kicks off at Maracanã Stadium on August 5th, Panasonic will again be there to ensure everyone in Rio and around the world can more fully experience the passion and excitement of the 31st Olympiad. Rio 2016 makes it nearly 30 years that the electronics giant has been an Official Worldwide Audio Video Partner of the Olympic and Paralympic games, helping to capture and share the sights and sounds of these momentous events through its cutting-edge technology.

In its role as TOP Sponsor, Panasonic has delivered more audiovisual equipment to Rio than for any previous Olympic games, and for the first time ever serves as ‘Official Ceremony Partner’, bringing its state-of-art AV  technology and expertise not only to the competition and broadcasting venues, but also to the Opening and Closing Ceremonies.

Making Rio Dreams a Reality

“In a spectacular show designed by one of the most talented creative teams on the planet, we will showcase the best of Brazilian culture and celebration to a global audience of billions…Panasonic visual solutions will help to make our dreams a reality,” said Sidney Levy, CEO of Rio 2016.

Panasonic will engineer and equip all the visual needs of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Ceremonies project from start to finish, and is deploying its innovative projection mapping technology at both the Opening and Closing Ceremonies to wow crowds like never before.

Satoshi Takeyasu, Executive Officer of Panasonic, said, “There is no doubt that Rio 2016 will present unique and spectacular Ceremonies and Panasonic’s technology and engineers will help deliver a great experience to spectators inside the Maracanã Stadium and for those watching from living rooms around the world.”

Every Seat Will Be The Best Seat In The House

The world-leader in high performance, high-lumen digital projectors, Panasonic has supplied more than 110 of its 20,000 lumens high brightness PT-DZ21K2 projectors to the competition venues, as well as 72 large LED video displays, some 15,000 televisions and more than 150 DLP projectors. The company’s sophisticated visual systems will bring the Summer Games to a whole new entertainment level, thrilling fans with impressive images and the best viewing angles.

Officials, too, will get the best views possible plus high resolution replays, thanks to the video referee operations solutions Panasonic will supply to support judges at events like swimming, canoeing and weightlifting.

Bringing Olympic Action to Life

Panasonic has been contributing to the success of the Olympics as a worldwide sponsor since the Calgary Games in 1988. This summer, the company will serve as a Live Site Supporting Partner, installing three large LED screens inside the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Parks to allow visitors outside the stadiums to also enjoy the action live as it unfolds. For the first time, Panasonic has also signed on as Torch Technology partner, facilitating the relay of the iconic Olympic flame.

Adding to the excitement, is a  global initiative featuring Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (“Neymar Jr.”), a member of the Brazil national football team, celebrating the dreams and passions of both athletes and spectators. Neymar Jr. has been a Panasonic Global Ambassador since 2010, and his collaboration on the Dream “FITA” Project is bringing players and fans together as one for the Rio Olympics and Paralympics.

Through a partnership agreement with Sugarloaf Mountain, a World Heritage Site in Copacabana, Rio, Panasonic has a established a “Stadium of Wonders” corporate pavilion that will bring the Olympics to life for visitors during the Games. Technology-based entertainment will present Panasonic’s nearly 30- year history of Olympic support, including unique solutions such as light ID technology. The site will also feature interactive kiosks where fans can experience athletic performances for themselves.


Home viewers will also more fully enjoy every sports performance, made possible by the company’s advanced broadcasting technologies. Rio 2016 is the 12th consecutive Olympic Games in which Panasonic digital technology will be used as the official recording format. Products like the P2HD broadcast camera system and the AJ-PX5000G camera recorder will be in wide use throughout the event, bringing futuristic video capabilities to this summer’s games.

With Panasonic solutions there to support the staging of the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games, the emotion, tension and excitement of the world’s top athletes—and all the pageantry that surrounds them—will be seen and felt in unforgettable detail.

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