Leave the Heavy Lifting to our latest Assist Suits

It’s true – the robots are here.

To make your life a lot easier.

Panasonic, in association with ActiveLink has developed a line of exoskeletons with many different types of power assist suits that give users superhuman strength.

The Panasonic Assist Suit AWN 03 is designed to help workers lift and hold objects more easily and with less risk of injury and physical strain to the lower back. The easy-to-put-on suit weighs a little more than thirteen pounds and is specialized in back support, enabling the user to carry up to 33 pounds of extra load. This wearable robotic device has position sensors that auto detect the movement of the torso, and operates the motors near the lower back in tandem with the user’s intended motion, as a result reducing the burden on the lower back when handling heavy objects.

The PLN-01, also known as the Ninja, assists users carrying heavy objects in motion – for example hiking or walking up a steep mountain terrain.

And last, but not the least is the Power Loader – a very large exoskeleton that can instantly transport you to the sets of your very own Hollywood superhero blockbuster. This device is meant to be used for construction, disaster relief and large scale public works. The suit can help factory workers lift over 650 pounds and assist in accomplishing herculean tasks with maximum ease.

These new robotic innovations aim to remove physical limitations for workers and create a barrier-free society.

Learn more about this revolutionary technology here: activelink.co.jp

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